2018 World Barista Championship | Amsterdam
20.6. - 23.6. (Vstupenka)

Amsterdam plays host to over sixty coffee champions from around the world this June, as they travel to the 2018 World Barista Championship!

The championship takes places at the World of Coffee 2018 show, beginning one day before the exhibition floor opens. Registration for World of Coffee passes is available from the link below, which includes access to the WBC arena area.

The World Barista Championship (WBC), produced annually by World Coffee Events (WCE), is the world’s premiere coffee competition, focusing on skills in espresso beverage preparation. In 2017 champions from over 60 national body qualifying events will showcase their chosen coffees in an exciting 15-minute presentation, preparing espressos, milk based drinks, and signature beverages for a panel of WCE Certified Judges.

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